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The mark of a true professional is the humility to seek guidance from a coach in the pursuit of continuous improvement.

Pat Riley 9x NBA Championships

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Leaders face greater responsibility, stress, and increasingly complex issues on their plates more than ever before. When these issues go unresolved, the company and its employees suffer as a result of the inherent roadblock that arises when their leader is stuck. The highest-achieving organizations worldwide provide executive coaching to their leaders, as it has proven to be one of the most effective and efficient ways to prepare for transitions, change management, conflict resolution, behavior change, mediation, and continued support in alignment with their values and top priorities. Grounded in the most advanced human behavior principles, our world-class coaching methodology is in the top tier percentile for human transformation services.

Our Methodology

Our methodology strategically and systematically guides individuals from subcortical dominance to executive center dominance, promoting balanced perceptions and self-governance. With a curated set of exercises, it empowers individuals on a journey of transformation, unlocking the door to mastering their lives. The Pi 1-on-1 consultations are customizable to your people's unique needs and circumstances.

Amateurs may view coaching as an expense, while professionals see it as an investment in their success.”

    Brian Tracy

Unlock Your Potential

Welcome to Priority Coaching

At the Priority Institute, we recognize your genuine aspiration to experience profound fulfillment in the life you've meticulously constructed. We understand that unlocking this fulfillment requires mastering the art of authentic self-expression and liberating yourself from the relentless cycle of comparing your achievements with others.

The Challenge:

Irrespective of the level of success or wealth you've attained, you might find yourself grappling with the persistent notion that you haven't quite reached your potential. This ongoing sense of unfulfillment can leave you feeling like an imposter, despite the accomplishments you've achieved.

Our Solution:

Our Executive Coaching programs are designed to meet the unique needs of entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, executives, and other individuals dedicated to personal growth and development. Creating a life and business that's inspiring and fulfilling seems far out of reach to many. Our team of executive coaches is dedicated to aiding you in transcending the cycle keeping you unfulfilled by showing you how your existing priorities and life experiences serve a unique purpose for the next steps you are about to break through. We don't want you to change your past, we want you to love it so you can authentically shape the future into what you'd love to have and also help others experience it.

Our Approach:

Understanding the distinctive challenges you encounter, our team has meticulously crafted proven approaches that have helped hundreds of individuals like yourself discover their authentic self-worth to grow their net worth.

What Sets Us Apart:

How We Can Assist You:

Join Priority Institute and embark on a transformative journey toward authentic self-worth and profound fulfillment. It's time to liberate yourself from the perpetual cycle of never feeling like it's enough and embrace the extraordinary life you've meticulously constructed.

 The Objective of Coaching is the Objective of Great Management: Make The Most Out of an Organization's Most Valuable Assets

In the world of professionals, coaching is not a luxury but a means of maximizing one's full potential. Dissolve tension, build relationships, unify and refocus teams, clarify vision and goals, dissolve conflict, overcome anxiety, anger, distress, fear or guilt, perceptions of loss, or any personal, professional, or health issue causing you distress. The main challenges someone faces aren't in the boardroom it's in their mind and factors outside the office. We specialize in helping you overcome those in hours, not weeks, months, or years.

More Client Reviews


The most powerful universal forces on this planet are love, gratitude, and wisdom. If you are undecided, read reviews from our community, and let's get started. 

"Amar has revealed a new perspective on life and my place in it, providing tools to create a paradigm shift on how an 'infinity of traces and current unfolding can be viewed through a balanced mind and heart. When you are ready to do the work and share your unique gifts with the world, I strongly recommend signing up with Amar."

Dr. Narinder Kaur-Bring, Professor, Entrepreneur & Classical Musician

Priority Consulting, Amar Virk

"What made working with Carly so effective wasn't just as simple as the fact that that she was insightful, knowledgeable and deeply relatable (which she totally is), it's the poignancy of the questions she's asking, and the environment that's created by the conversation. Carly's way of working endorses our inner sense of knowing; after working with her, my brain had permission to operate without its usual cloud of ensnaring self-judgment and fear-based reactivity. She asked questions that allowed me to access my playfulness and my sense of authority simultaneously, which opened up new territory for me professionally and in my own spiritual work. The result was that I found myself emboldened to create in my business, reinforced in my contribution to my family, and more compelled to step on the gas creatively. Highly recommend!"

Mollie Birney, High-Performance, Celebrity Speaker, and Writer

Priority Consulting, Carly Pepin

"I just can't believe it. The very moments I avoided and resented are the very things that gave me my life, my childhood friendships, and my love and reason for playing the game at the level I have. I am astounded and appreciative of your work, not many see it like this. Amazing."

 NFL, Player

Priority Consulting, Amar Virk

"Miracles flow whenever Carly is around. She helped me realize that being open to receiving love is a footnote on the doorway to receiving all of life's abundance. You taught me that in order to allow abundance to flow, I have to

be open and vulnerable to love and be loved, and because of that, I manifested my soul mate. Thank you Carly."

Mischa Pouyavand, Artist + Entrepreneur
Priority Consulting, Carly Pepin

"Amar, I would like to thank you for your calm, straightforward, no-nonsense style of calling me on my shit and holding me responsible and accountable. I've found that most times, the measurement of personal development and its results are delayed and abstract. Below (Private screenshots of QuickBooks), however, are immediate, concrete measurements of the effectiveness of your work with me in gaining order and structure to my personal finances in just 12 short weeks. (today is the end of week 12). This process has been an eye-opening experience and one that I will continue to incorporate in my future and share with people I have influence with. What amazes me most is that this is from my personal family finance (which our income has not increased) yet applying a budget, some scrutiny, and a lot of discipline has made a huge impact! The work to get here was definitely worth the effort. Mahalo piha (Whole-hearted gratitude)"

Paki Morgodo, Retired Firefighter, Artist & Entrepreneur

Priority Consulting, Amar Virk

"Carly has allowed me to clear years of accumulated emotional baggage from my conscious and unconscious mind. It's like closing hundreds of windows and programs that are open in the background on your computer. It frees up a ton of

energy and gives you a lot of life back. It makes you more peaceful, poised, calm, and it increases your resilience. I first was a bit skeptical about how much value I would get out of the coaching sessions. But I get a lot out of every session. So

much so that I have recommended Carly to several of my entrepreneur friends."

Michael Kalkowski, Co-Founder, Managing & Creative Director at GameDuell

Priority Consulting, Carly Pepin

"I've lived my life seeking praise, approval, and support. I've constantly looked to others for validation, which disabled me from embodying the authority of my own unique genius. Finding Amar on my path was like finding a needle in a haystack, except in my case, I was very blessed to be poked and prodded by his loving challenges and experiential wisdom in life and business. If you choose to work with Amar, know that you will soar to new heights you never knew were possible. The beautiful thing is - you will do this by learning how to follow your own inspiration, rooting more deeply in discerning the whispers from your own inner voice - your true voice. Thank you for the life-changing transformation you helped to awaken within me, Amar. Until next time. God speed. Love and Light."

Brady Heath, Founder, Boundless Wellbeing

Priority Consulting, Amar Virk

"Carly, you helped me see that I was bringing significant value far beyond what

I was seeing. Thank  You, I know now what I contribute to a company and I have a

new job at the income level I wanted."

Angela Warman, Director of Business Development, TVG-Media LLC

Priority Consulting, Carly Pepin

"Insights on ways to succeed in multiple areas of life. Amar draws on his own experiences and from others to help you maximize the gifts you have to generate success. Whatever that means to you." 

Andrew Calhoun, Director of The Brain Injury Research Foundation

Priority Consulting, Amar Virk

"Carly is a unique combination between vast knowledge and practicality,

her insights enable me to see clearly the misconceptions I had within me and allow me to accept the path I'm on and to act from a pure state of awareness, both in

business and in life that can make a huge difference. Thank you again, Carly.

You're a force of change."

Yaron Sagi, Founder & CEO at Sagi & Co Inc. Co-Founder & Partner at TYPE5 AeroSpace VC

Priority Consulting, Carly Pepin

Gratitude. Seeing the whole picture and the whole spectrum leads me to believe that death is a beautiful polarity of creation and evolution. That energy cannot be destroyed, just altered in a way that we cannot comprehend beyond ourselves. It's a sense of knowing that we are here to serve a purpose to our families, the world and ourselves. Amar shifted that in me, through working on my mother that passed away. It's something I held back mentally but once I brought it to the surface, it created new insights and perceptions of the world that is beautiful. Just gratitude. 

Andrew Fisher, High Ticket Sales Closer

Priority Consulting, Amar Virk

"There were times when I talked to Carly when I was really upset, and we went through those situations. Then I had a shift in my perception, and it felt completely different. I was like, wow, this is amazing. I went from stormy to calm. The fact that you can deal with your monkey brain and different kinds of assumptions in an organized way, it just makes life easier and makes the emotions quieter. As far as impact on the quality of life, you can go to a therapist 3x per week for a long time, but for me, this is silly, because now there is another solution that is more advanced technology-wise. And so! think your sessions were really really beneficial compared to other things that are in the market. If you're committed to growth, it's a no brainer."

Benny Maskin, CEO at XTEND Media

Priority Consulting, Carly Pepin

“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.

    Warren Buffett

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